Американский каталог CMT за 2001 год

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Файл Описание
cmt2001prod.pdf (1710 Kb) CMT catalog, page 1-7
cmtpag8-27.pdf (970 Kb) Straight bits
Plywood Groove set
2 Flute Spiral bits
Pattern bits
Flush Trim bits
Trimmer bits
Panel Pilot bits
Flush and V-Groove bits
Combination Trimmer bits
Mortising bits
Dado Planer bits
Rabbeting bits
Rabbeting bit Bearing set
Individual bit
Wooden box sets
Router bit sets
cmtpag28-47.pdf (1043 Kb) Slot Cutters
Slot Cutters Arbors
Three Wing Slot Cutter Set
Tongue and Groove Set
Dovetail Bits
Sets with Wooden Case
8 and 13-Piece Dovetail Straight Bit Sets
Chamfer Bits
Bevel Cutter
Bowl Cutter
90° V-Grooving Bits
60° Lettering Bits
60° Laser Point Bit
Keyhole Bit
Round Nose Bits
Round Nose Sets
Bowl and Tray Bits
Ovolo Bits
cmtpag48-67.pdf (1386 Kb) Roundover Bits
Beading Bits
Roundover Set
Sommerfeld Drawer Front Bit
Cove Bits
Cove Bit Set
Cavetto Edge Mold
Ogee Bits
Roman Ogee Bits
Classical Bits
Classical Ogee Bits
Ogee with Fillet Bits
Plunge Ogee Bits
Classical Panel Ogee
Classical Bearing Guide Ogee
Decorative Ogee Bit
Classical Bead Bit
Bull Nose Bits
Corner Beading Bits
Flute Bead Set
Table Edge and Hand Rail Bits
Molding Bit
Traditional Bit
Classical Bit
cmtpag68-87.pdf (1290 Kb) Molding System
Multiprofile Bits
Finger Pull Bit
European style hand pull in 6 easy steps
Drawer Lock Bit
Lock Miter Bit and Baby Lock Miter
Reverse Glue Joint Bit
Professional Finger Joint Bit
Window Sash Set
Step-by-Step window sash construction
Vertical Raised Panel Bits
Raised Panel Bits
One-Piece Pail and Stile Joint Bit
Rail and Stile Sets
3-Piece Kitchen Set
5-Piece Complete Kitchen Set
The ABC's of Panel Door Construction
Sommerfeld Raised Panel Bit
The Sommerfeld Raised Panel Set
The Sommerfeld Cabinetmaking Set
cmtpag88-97.pdf (396 Kb) Panalign Strips
Arched Raised Panel Doors Made Easy by Marc Sommerfeld
The Easy Mark
Inlay Kit Instructions
accessor.pdf (241 Kb) industrio (tm) Routertop, Cabinet & Fence
industrio (tm) portable Router Table
BasePlus (tm) Router Insert Plates
Bit Organizers & Bushings
spare.pdf (104 Kb) Parts and Accessories
forstner.pdf (147 Kb) Forstner Bits Sets
Forstner Bits
boring.pdf (202 Kb) Dowel drills
Dowel drills for through holes
Hinge Boring Bits
howsaw.pdf (1037 Kb) Making The Blades
Cut Off
Cut Off ATB
Compound Miter
Compound Miter & Radial
Cabinets shop Blade
Melamine & Fine Cut Off
Precision Dado
Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blades
Saw Blades & Accessories
howbits.pdf (245 Kb) How we produce our bits
Suggestions for safe routing
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