Router Table Fence

This rather elaborate router table fence has clamps built into it to secure it to the table, as well as an adjustment for fine tuning the distance of the fence from the bit. All this is accomplished with T-nuts and shop-made knobs that have wooden handles epoxied to carriage bolts as shown in the drawing. The side clamps fix the base onto the table, then the fence itself pivots on the base on a wooden hinge. A bolt in a T-nut controls the distance of the fence from the base, a knob locks the fence in place.

Resources for building a Router Table Fence


Photo 1- Cut the slots on the ends of the fence base using a table saw cut off box as shown.


Cut slots on the ends of the base for the side clamps with a tablesaw cutoff box as shown in photo 1. Cut up to a scribed line as shown, then chop out the waste with a chisel. Next use a tenoning jig to cut open mortises on the remaining ends, as is shown in the Benchtop Router Table project on this site. Cut the tenons on the lock pieces to fit the open mortises as in photo 2. Since these pieces are short, cut them out of long stock and then cut to length after the tenons are done. Attach the lock pieces to the base with screws rather than glue to allow for moisture related movement in the base.

Photo 2- Cut tenons for the lock pieces that hold the side clamps within the slots on the fence base. For safety, make the pieces from long stock as shown. Screw a support fence to your miter gauge to hold the parts as they are cut.

Assemble the clamps as shown in the drawing. Bore for the T-nuts in the top pieces, then glue and screw them to the long pieces. Place the clamp in the base before gluing and screwing the bottom pieces in place. Epoxy washers to the base beneath the bolt hole so the bolt bears on metal and not wood.

Assemble the fence hinge by stacking the parts together one by one, and place the hinge dowel within the parts as they are stacked to keep it all aligned. The fence clamp is just like the hinge, except that it has a bolt going through it rather than a dowel. Install a T-nut in the base for the fence clamp bolt to secure to. Make the holes in the fence clamp pieces through which the bolt passes 5/8" in diameter.

To adjust the fence, loosen the fence clamp and retract the adjustment bolt. Set the fence clamp in the middle of its travel, which is only about 3/8". Loosen the side clamps, set the fence to within 1/8" of where it needs to be in relation to the router bit, and tighten the side clamps. Tighten the fence clamp and make a test cut. Now adjust the exact location of the fence by loosening the fence clamp and making small adjustments with the fence adjustment screw. Always tighten the fence clamp after making adjustments.

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