Maximize storage with "vertical drawers"
I have a bunch of those big plastic multi-bin organizers that I use for storing small parts and hardware, but they hogged up a lot of benchtop space. My solution: drawer slides.
I installed full-extension slides inside my workbench, as shown in the drawing, with one side of the slide (the side normally attached to the drawer) mounted to a plywood panel. Next, I attached the organizer to the panel, as shown. The keyhole mounting slots on the back of the organizer allow me to quickly bring it to benchtop level when needed. For the center panel, I added a pair of mounting cleats for the drawer slides, and then put organizers on both sides of the panel.
John Vail, Somerset, Calif.

Drywall scrap saves tiny turnings
When I do small, delicate turnings, I used to mount them to a wooden waste block screwed to the lathe's faceplate.But I damaged too many pieces trying to remove them because the waste block was stronger than the turning.
Instead, I now glue a piece of 1/2" drywall to the waste block, and then my workpiece to the drywall, as shown, using contact cement or hotmelt glue. When I'm done turning the piece, I simply cut through the drywall's paper "skin" to dismount the turning, and then remove the skin from the workpiece with a little solvent. -Duane Herzig, Brier, Wash.
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